Date of Award

Winter 2-15-2015

Exit Requirement


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies

Committee Chair

Dr. Elisa Maroney

Committee Member

Dr. Adele Schepige

Committee Member

Tiffany Braga, MA


The purpose of this study is to ascertain what, if any, assessments of American Sign Language (ASL) and English language competency are currently used for admission to interpreter education programs (IEP). Research consisted of a mixed methodology discovery study conducted over two phases. Each phase sought to expound upon and clarify all facets of the pre-admission assessment process. Phase I, conducted through a nationwide survey was designed to discover what interpreter education programs are currently using—pre-admission—to assess ASL and English language competency. Information was collected about the presence of any pre-admission ASL and English language competency assessments as well as the components of those assessments. Phase II included semi-structured interviews with interpreter education program coordinators, assessment designers, faculty responsible for assessment administration, or any combination thereof. The interview was comprised of questions about pre-admission ASL and English language assessment practices including but not limited to: theory to support assessment components, assessment design, progression of the assessment design, materials used during assessment, as well as perceived strengths and weaknesses of the assessment tool(s). Data were analyzed to identify the percent of interpreter education programs without a pre-admission ASL and English language competency assessment as well as similarities and differences in the assessments that are currently in use by interpreter education programs.