Faculty Sponsor

Jennifer Bracy


Along with the cover of this issue, we have included the brochure from which it was derived. The brochure was created as part of an identity project that WOU students worked on for local communities during fall 2014.

About the brochure:
This brochure can be seen as a very important media and tool which introduces this community to everyone who may be interested, including students, business people, families, and travelers. The most important purpose of this brochure is to attract more people to the community and give them as much information about this community as as possible. Thus, the images are the key parts rather than the text information itself. This brochure uses many high quality pictures on almost every page. People will be attracted by beautiful pictures, then start reading the text beside those pictures. This brochure also uses a lot of blank spaces rather than placing all the information in a very crowded way. Therefore, readers will not feel so tired of reading, and of course, they will have more time to enjoin each beautiful pictures. Above all, the unity and variety is used in a comfortable balance in this brochure, which will make readers have more fun and interest while reading.

PURE cover Sp 2015 Zicheng Song.pdf (7963 kB)
PDF of cover file for PURE Insights 2015



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