Volume 4 (2015)

Editor's Note

Daring, intelligence and curiosity come together in an amazing way to make this issue of PURE Insights. As always, the pieces included in this issue are excellent representations of the work that our faculty and students create together. Many thanks to all of our authors, faculty sponsors, section editors, and reviewers, without whom, this issue would not be possible.


Graph Nim
Breeann Flesch and Akaanchya Pradhan

PURE Insights cover art by Zicheng Song


Managing Editor
Camila Gabaldon

Section Editors

Behavioral Sciences
Debi Brannan
Jaime Cloud
Creative Arts
Diane Tarter
Marie LeJeune
Health and Exercise Science
Brian Caster
Elizabeth Brookbank
Michael Ward
Natural Sciences
Ava Howard
Social Sciences
Misty Weitzel


Paula Baldwin
Jaime Cloud
Shirley Heying
Klay Kruzcek
Blair Osburn
Nora Pederson
Tracy Powell