Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Melissa M. Cunningham


This review will explore what is currently known regarding teachers’ perceptions, knowledge, and training regarding school bullying. Bullying is a serious issue for children and adolescents in schools. Research has consistently reported that bullying may cause lasting psychological and emotional problems (Mishna, Scarcello, Pepler, & Wiener, 2005). Teachers spend a significant amount of time with students at school and may be at the front-line of prevention and intervention strategies (Lund, Blake, Ewing, & Banks, 2012). One of the main determining factors in effectiveness of an anti-bullying program is the quality of staff training (Lund, et al., 2012). Research suggests that teachers are in great need of and desire more training on the topic of school bullying, its prevention, and effective intervention strategies. This review will highlight specific research areas where more information is needed about teachers’ perceptions, knowledge, and training regarding bullying in schools and how school districts can best use this information to target training programs for teachers.



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