Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Debi Brannan


Previous research has extensively studied individual components of Parkinson’s by studying the disease but thus far does not address the comprehensive impacts and obstacles of life with Parkinson’s. The common experiences of Parkinson’s can offer insight as to how provide better care by addressing multiple domains in a person’s life. This hypothetical case study highlights commonalities shared by those with Parkinson’s that spans across social, emotional and biological aspects of life. Possible treatment strategies are discussed concerning the impacts of fatigue, social isolation, increased burdens of care, and family dynamics in order to offer insight to care providers as to the range of care needed by those with Parkinson’s disease. The goal of this article is to highlight that, while interventions are needed to address the disease, providers should be mindful that interventions are also needed to limit the negative impacts of Parkinson’s on a person’s life experience.



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