Article Title

PURE Identity Manual

Faculty Sponsor

Jen Bracy


Published standards are essential for providing consistency in a organization’s graphic identity. This set of standards was selected in 2010 by the PURE Executive Committee to provided the basis for that set of standards for PURE.

The aims of this brand identity are:

  • To create a single, consistent, and clear visual identity for PURE: Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences.
  • To project PURE as a professional, reliable, dynamic and contemporary organization.
  • To standardize the organization’s visual presentation in a number of applications, thereby increasing consistency of the image projected

From the Editor: This manual was submitted to the PURE executive committee along with five others during the 2009-2010 academic year. It was selected by the committee for use in PURE publications. Some changes have been made as PURE has evolved, but the manual in itself remains an outstanding example of WOU undergraduate work.



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