Executive Committee

The PURE Executive Committee meets monthly during the academic year to support the mission of the program. Executive members are approved by a majority vote and serve a three-year period with the option to request service for a second three-year term. The committee sets strategic directions and program priorities for PURE; reviews and analyzes progress; modifies annual plans, as necessary; and works together to coordinate and present WOU's annual Academic Excellence Showcase each spring.

Members of the Executive Committee

Maren Anderson: Board member/PURE Insights managing editor (1/20); English Studies faculty

Xiaopeng Gong:PURE Director Board member; education and leadership faculty

Feier Hou: Board member; chemistry faculty

Gavin Keulks: Board member; honors program director

Rebecca McCannell: Board member; art faculty

Megan Patton-Lopez: Board member; Health & Exercise Science faculty

Andrea Emerson: Board member; education & leadership faculty

Joshua Schulze, Ed.D: Board member; Education & Leadership faculty

Melissa Cannon: Board member; Gerontology faculty

Gareth Hopkins: Board member; Biology faculty

Lindsey Cochran: Board member; TRI project specialist