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As first generation college students, we have experienced several obstacles that have made higher learning harder to achieve. In our project, we wanted to create awareness to motivate high school students to continue their education, especially undocumented students. We are very passionate about human rights and are strong believers in equal opportunity which is why we wanted to focus our project on education. We wanted to combine our passions and motivate those high school students who believe they do not have a chance or do not have the right tools or support to apply for college. One of our goals was to provide resources to high school students, giving them first hand advice from current first generation college students, and assisting them with seeking scholarship opportunities. Our plan was to create an open workshop at a high school and share our resources. We also planned on doing a family workshop so families can attend and learn about our survey results. Throughout our project, we encountered several hurdles. However, the results that we collected influenced us to create a video where we can share with high school programs. This video can be used as a resource for high school students and families in the future.

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first generation, college students, high school students, higher education


Service Learning

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2017 Finalist

Let's Make College Happen: Para Adelante el Futuro