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The objective of my project was to find a way to implement personal training into Western Oregon University’s Health and Wellness Center. Personal health and wellness is a huge part of my life. I share my passion through the fitness classes I teach, working at the Health and Wellness Center, and studying Exercise Science with a minor in Health. Being a part of a college campus gym setting, I witness many students struggle to move out of their comfort zone. With no personal trainers on staff, students are left to experiment with weights, machines, and other exercise routines which may cause an injury, or give up all together because they feel discouraged. A need exists for a systematic program of fitness instruction that is available to all interested students. I strongly believe by providing resources to students they may feel more comfortable in the gym setting, and be more inclined to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Teaching students to live in good health while in college is important. It will hopefully promote a better quality of life after school. Major health implications due to lifestyle is a huge issue in our country. We can help prevent this by educating our students through private mentors for more individualized assistance with their health fitness goals.

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personal training, college students, service learning, Western Oregon University


Public Health Education and Promotion | Service Learning

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2017 Award Winner

Personal Training for a Campus Recreation Setting