The purpose of this Action Research Project is to examine my role in the classroom as an educator, and to reflect on my findings to see how, or if, I provided differentiated and equitable learning strategies in the classroom. What's more, I examined whether or not there were adjustments that I could make to my teaching strategies in order to better align my planning, instruction, and assessment with my philosophy of teaching. I proposed three specific research questions, which were: 1) How has the differentiation in my lesson planning changed over the course of my teaching experience? 2) How do I incorporate the best equitable learning strategies in my lessons? 3) How do my lesson plans, activities, and strategies align with my teaching philosophy? In order to gain a better understanding of my teaching practices, I gathered data through various sources including a personal research journal, formal lesson plans, reviewing recordings of my lessons, and observing my mentor teacher. The analysis of the data revealed that I use differentiated and equitable learning strategies, and that my use of them has improved through my teaching experience. These results by no means indicate that I am a perfect educator, merely they indicate that I am on the right trajectory to becoming a well-rounded evidence-based practitioner.

Exit Requirement

Action Research

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Teaching (initial licensure)



Committee Chair

Kenneth Carano

Committee Member

Marianne Stupfel-Wallace


differentiation, equitable teaching and learning, Heritage Language Learners, literacy, proficiency-based teaching and learning



Subject Categories

Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education