Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies (MAIS) Case Studies

Recognizing Trailblazers, Leaders, and Mentors

Editor's Statement

Over the past fifty plus years, many individuals have contributed to the growth of the American Sign Language (ASL)-English interpreting field. Some of these individuals have been recognized in the history of ASL interpreting, but many have not. There are individuals who have shared their knowledge and experience with the newer generation of interpreters and colleagues for many years through leadership and mentoring. Some of these individuals have been trailblazers in their interpreting communities, and yet still have never been recognized for their work, contributions, and accomplishments.

The cohort of students that started in June 2018 at Western Oregon University and the faculty wanted to recognize the leadership of interpreters from various local communities. With that vision and goal in mind, the cohort set out to interview and gather information from various interpreters who embarked on a journey that would lead them to become leaders in interpreting communities today.

The following are a collection of case studies showcasing the hard work of many untold stories of individuals wanting to improve and leave a legacy for the next generation of interpreters to embrace and continue the work. We hope that when you read these stories, you will feel inspired to follow in the footsteps of these trailblazers, leaders, and mentors within the field of ASL-English interpreting.

Krystle Chambers
June, 2021



Royce Carpenter: Trailblazer
Chevon Nicole Ramey