This study was an attempt to improve my practice through inviting the insights of my colleagues into my work with them. Eleven hearing interpreters participated. Through interviews, I found that conferencing before the assignment and debriefing afterward elevated my colleagues’ beliefs about my embodiment of collegiality and respect for their professional autonomy, despite times my efforts fell short during assignments. Colleagues told me they thought the pre-conferencing practices I adopted as part of the research were helpful to our decision-making during assignments. My finding that pre-conferencing is helpful for teaming supports Hoza’s (2010b) claim that this standard practice is effective, but other aspects of my inquiry point to ambiguities and tough decisions in teaming. The methodology employs “multiple perspectives of knowing” to give an embodied account of teaming (Zuber-Skerritt & Fletcher, 2007, p. 417).

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Action Research

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Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies

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Elisa Maroney

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Amanda Smith


team interpreting, action research, pre-conferencing, values, narrative inquiry



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American Sign Language | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Language Interpretation and Translation