In this action research project, I analyzed the impact exercise and human relationships had on my interpreting work. It is well known that exercise and human relationships and connection do influence our actions and behavior in a manner (see, for example, Humphrey, 2015; Zenizo, 2013). In this current research, I explore exercise and human relationship, each in its own entity and then compare the two to each other, to see their influence towards interpreting. The aim of this study is to contribute to the field of American Sign Language/English interpreting by adding knowledge of what I found through this research about exercise, human relationships and the extent they impact my interpreting. I hope to provide more evidence to show the implications of applying self-care to one’s daily routine, in hopes of promoting improvement in one’s work. The method conducted for this action research project is through the mode of journaling, logs, and a recording of a work sample. I would make note of my day considering what I observed in my work, my workouts, the interactions I had with people, and when and if these two self-care approaches were implemented. I used the qualitative method approach to analyze the data. Through this, I focus on myself and interpreting by making alterations to the amount of exercise and human relationships and/or connections I incorporate into my self-care (before and after work). The results of the study show that human relationships and connections have a bigger impact on my interpreting work than exercise and the two together are stronger and more influential. By exploring exercise and human connection, I get to investigate self-care, its importance, and benefits while interpreting.

Exit Requirement

Action Research

Date of Award


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interpreting Studies


Deaf Studies/Professional Studies

Committee Chair

Elisa Maroney

Committee Member

Amanda Smith


Exercise/workout, human connection, human relationship, and self-care.