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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Chehalis Strapp

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Gavin Keulks


The purpose of this study is to determine if peppermint and orange aromas can improve mood and task performance. The participants for this study were 26 female and 11 male students (Mage = 22.05 years, SD = 5.00). This study utilized a mixed design. Participants complete d practice GRE questions while being exposed to peppermint, orange, or no scent. Pre and post mood were measured using the Quick Mood Scale (Woodruffe -Peacock, Turnbull, Johnson, Elahi, & Preston, 1998) and task performance was measured based on responses to the GRE questions. Exposure to peppermint and orange was not found to improve the cheerfulness component of mood F (2, 34) =.19, p>.05, ?²=.19, or task performance F (2, 34) =.15, p>.05, ?²=.01. Based on the effect size for this study, aromas could potentially be used in the workplace to improve mood but further research with more participants is needed.

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Psychology Commons