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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Rich Robison

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Gavin Keulks




This paper will discuss recidivism among juveniles, primarily aged 12 -18 years old, and evaluate which methods best prevent recidivism. I will begin with the multiple nationwide definitions of recidivism and which is most appropriate for this thesis, before moving on to explore the different methods and programs used by juvenile probation officers. This paper will discuss programs such as "Scared Straight" and anger reduction groups and their effect on reducing recidivism rates. Restorative justice will also be examined and whether or not the emphasis should be placed on rehabilitation or punishment in the field of juvenile justice. I will also be examining the effectiveness of practices in the juvenile department such as risk assessments and EPICS, which is Effective Practices in Community Supervision. Ultimately, I hope to produce a research paper that shows rehabilitation, rather than punishment, is more productive in reducing juvenile recidivism than severe punishment.