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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Warren Allen

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Gavin Keulks




The scope of medical practice is rapidly advancing due to the technology boom that has occurred over the last twenty years. Procedures that were once thought impossible are now possible, causing ethical debates between multiple disciplines. This study specifically focused on human enhancement technologies (HET's) and how professionals in the medical field evaluate them on an ethical basis. It was hypothesized that participants would be generally in favor of using human enhancement technologies as therapeutic tools but would be against their use as enhancers. In order to determine this, 106 medical and scientific professionals from Oregon and Washington participated in an online survey. Results were subjected to statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel software. It was demonstrated that participants were significantly in favor of HET's when used for therapy but were not in favor of their use as enhancers. Participants also felt that a new ethical code specifically designed for HET's should be implemented. How the attitudes of medical and research professionals are shaped with regard to HET's will undoubtedly influence their future use and acceptance.