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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Scott Carter

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Gavin Keulks




For elementary teachers especially, the writing process is an important element in the classroom. It has multiple parts and is taught throughout the year at every grade level. Thus far, I had very little writing instruction from a teacher's perspective. We took science and geography classes to learn much more than we would ever teach in the classroom. We learned the ins and outs of linguistics and language acquisition, so that we could better understand the process of reading and writing. Due to this knowledge, I am better prepared as a teacher because I can approach education from a vantage point in the subject, rather than learning the material as I teach it. I want to teach writing from that same high vantage point. The purpose of this research is to see writing from the perspective of a writer, not just a student or educator. What factors do writers take into account? How do real writers write, outside of school standards? How does the writing process look when it's used i n an authentic way, not the processed steps it is often taught in? This is what I explored, so that I could teach writing from a more authentic perspective.