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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Debi Brannan

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Gavin Keulks




The purpose of the current study was to evaluate anxiety, preparedness and attitudes of pre -service TESOL teachers participating in a Health Literacy Learning program. More specifically the study analyzed the Imposter Phenomenon (IP) and Teacher Anxiety (TchA). Data were gathered using the NSST Imposter Scale, and the Teacher Anxiety Scale. Participants consisted of 15 pre -service TESOL teachers (12 females, 3 males). Results revealed significant differences in examining the influence of IP on confidence about teaching competence t (13) =2.91, p =.01, and marginally significant results when examining the influence of IP on anxiety about lesson presentation t (13) =1.04 p =.05. No significant results were found in influences of gender on IP or anxiety, or level of experience on anxiety, p =ns. Future research should examine IP and anxiety among teachers in general, as well as gender differences. Additionally differences among TESOL instructors and general K -12 teachers.