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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Karie Mize

Honors Program Director

Gavin Keulks




Through interviewing local students, this thesis seeks to understand the experiences of Latino English Language Learners (ELLs) in high school. National research and test results suggest that Latino ELLs are both failing and being underserved in a number of categories, including school completion with “the highest rates of drop out among all students” (Edl, Jones, & Estell, 2008, p. 39). These findings are also substantiated by the testing statistics reported at state and local levels. By interviewing six students who are directly affected by changing policies and testing approaches, this study will discuss and give voice to the academic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal experiences of these students. Furthermore, their accounts will be compared to national research and findings to begin telling part of the story of language learners in the state where I reside: Oregon. These stories are a powerful resource for educators seeking to better understand the needs and experiences of their students.