Honors Senior Theses/Projects

Date of Award

Summer 2022

Exit Requirement

Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


Honors Program

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Margaret Manoogian

Honors Program Director

Dr. Gavin Keulks


Older adults living in long-term care settings seek support as they age. Due to their health concerns, they may be vulnerable to elder abuse and neglect. As older adults continue to live longer and the Baby Boomer generation reaches older adulthood, elder abuse will only continue to increase and adversely affect older adults living in both long-term care and home settings. This thesis explores the causes, instances, and interventions of elder abuse in long term settings. Understanding elder abuse and neglect is paramount towards effectively addressing it and creating innovative interventions and preventative strategies. Those who experience elder abuse have many negative health- related outcomes. An examination of the types of abuse and neglect occurring in long term care settings in addition to the risk factors, training practices of employees, and suggested interventions provide a better understanding as well as a foundation for potential interventions supporting older adults as they age with health needs. This exploratory qualitative research study included interviews with five professionals working in settings that have equipped them with an understanding and expertise of elder abuse and neglect in these settings. Results suggest that agency efforts, workplace culture, and resident risk factors greatly affect the occurrence of elder abuse in long-term care settings. These findings revealed areas of improvement and potential pathways towards tackling elder abuse and neglect.