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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Dr. Jaime Cloud

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Dr. Gavin Keulks


The present study aimed to identify rehabilitative programs at correctional facilities in Alaska and Oregon. This research also sought to identify obstacles and aids in the rehabilitative efforts at these facilities. It was hypothesized that reintegration programs would be perceived as the most effective type of rehabilitative program and that a lack of funding in prisons would be the greatest obstacle to the rehabilitative process. After reaching out to correctional facilities in multiple states, three key stakeholders in Alaska and Oregon were interviewed. Results indicated that no specific type of program was consider more effective over others. Rather, all programs were considered necessary to provide individualized treatment to all adults in custody. Furthermore, the greatest obstacles to rehabilitation at these facilities were difficulties motivating offenders to take advantage of treatments and understaffing. Further research should explore various ways to empower and motivate offenders to utilize rehabilitative programing. Keywords: incarceration, rehabilitation, recidivism, inmates, offenders, adults in custody