Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Maureen Dolan

Honors Program Director

Dr. Gavin Keulks


A common issue seen within the adoptee community is their identity. This thesis will explore how international adoptees, specifically Asian-American adoptees, often feel uncertain about their identity when it comes to ethnicity and belonging to a certain group. It will also focus on how this could change or be enhanced when adoptees visit their home country. This project will look at different stories of adoptees who have struggled with identity issues found in different scholarly resources focusing on this issue along with personal interviews and stories from other adoptees that I have met. Some of these people have returned to their home country, some have not. With these stories, identity issues can be analyzed and the idea of identity changing after visiting one’s birth country can be evaluated. In the end, I will write a section telling my own personal story of being an Asian-American adoptee in Oregon, the identity issues I have encountered, and what my trip back to China was like.