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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Maria Dantas-Whitney

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Gavin Keulks




In lieu of obesity rates rising and the increase of native Spanish speaking people in the United States the importance of learning a second language and maintaining a physical active lifestyle cannot be undermined. The population of Spanish - speakers is increasing every year and it has become a coveted privilege to learn a second language at an early age. People of all ages fluent in more than one language are considered better prepared and qualified for living in this globalized society. In addition, obesity rates have been rising as young adults and children are not receiving the physic al education and activity they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The hours spent in school are short for providing a quality education inclusive of a wide - range of information. Many schools have begun to combine subject areas, using an interdisciplinary approach, in order to cover all of the content expected. An interdisciplinary approach to teaching is when “two or more subjects are integrated with the goal of fostering enhanced learning in each subject area” (Barton et al. , 2000 , p. 20 ) . Physical Education class is an excellent time to acquire knowledge from other content areas, as neurogenesis , the development of new cells, is happening and the whole body is engaged in learning, especially for second language acquisition. This project combines Spanish and physical education by providing a framework for a horizontal curriculum that integrates Spanish immersion and physical education in order to create a dynamic environment for the learning and application of both second language and fundamental motor skills.

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