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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Dean Braa

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Gavin Keulks




A four year college degree may be one of the largest investments a person can make in their lifetime in terms of the time, effort, and money. Making this personal investment may be life-changing, which is why it is so important that one take the decision making process to attend college seriously. This study sought to investigate how and why students decide to pursue an undergraduate college degree. Undergraduate students were surveyed with a series of questions in hopes of acquiring a better understanding of what factors they take into account in their decision making process. The hypothesis was that students do not engage in a comprehensive college decision making process as they should. Results indicated that most students believe to have dedicated an appropriate amount of time and effort investigating their options and making the decision to pursue a college degree. Implications of this study suggest that most students are satisfied with their decision to attend college; however, a low percentage of the undergraduate students surveyed considered alternatives to attending college right after graduating high school. Further and refined research studies are proposed.

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