Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

Faculty Advisor

Carla Johnson


With completing this thesis, I hope to achieve an answer that could potentially help numerous people with their recovery from tragic events or progress in their life overall. Horseback riding has been suggested to help special needs children and adults connect better with people and help them communicate their needs and wants, not only with people, but with the horses as well. I would want to further confirm the effects that it has on people since it can potentially help particular individuals, such as individuals with autism. Not only can individuals with disabilities benefit from therapeutic horseback riding, but patients recovering post-traumatic stress disorder and other disorders can benefit from this since it can help with communication, fine motor skills, and muscle memory. This project will include statistics and information on therapeutic horseback riding through the use of many already established therapeutic riding centers to show the effects that this therapy has on its participants. It will also include public opinions and a government bill to show the relevance that this therapy has to the general population. Interviews and literary research will help to formulate a business plan that can allow therapeutic horseback riding to bring the fullest potential to the people that partake in this specific type of therapy.