Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

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Michael Freeman


In my thesis, I will explore the Syrian Revolution through the nontraditional arts that are being produced. I will be focusing on several different modes of creation, including street art, digital art, comics and cartoons, and installation. Social media is the primary tool for artists working in Syria to distribute their work, so I will also be discussing the importance of social media, both as a means to publish their work and also spread their message. I will answer the following questions: what role does street art and other nontraditional mediums play in the revolution? What are the artists’ purposes and intents when creating such pieces? How is social media relevant to the revolution? The answers to these questions and more will help to legitimize nontraditional arts, not only as examples of art themselves, but also as a means of communication. I hope to shed some light on the Syrian Revolution by looking at the war through the lens of an artist.