Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

Faculty Advisor

Marcus Wenzel


New and changing implementations of technology in educational facilities are providing further opportunities and tools for teachers. However, controversy exists over whether or not there are academic benefits to utilizing these tools, as well as the degree of those potential benefits or detriments. Additionally, not all facilities and educators have access to the same equipment, as not all schools receive the same amount of funding. My thesis topic will focus on a specific educational tool, the interactive whiteboard, in the elementary classroom. I will be working with preexisting research and studies to compare and contrast the current literature on this subject. The purpose will be to not only analyze the efficacy of interactive whiteboards as a teaching tool, but also to look at the disparity that could arise in the quality of education between financially disadvantaged schools and more financially prosperous schools if the interactive whiteboard is indeed truly beneficial in the classroom.