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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

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Jaime Cloud


The current study analyzed how college students responded to the idea of having a child under different scenarios. The hypotheses were that females would react more positively than males to having a child and that individuals would react more positively to having a child when thinking about healthy children as opposed to children with learning disabilities. Additionally, an interaction hypothesis was made which stated that female responses would be more negatively affected by thinking about children with learning disabilities than male responses. The experiment was set up for participants to view a video of parents interacting with their children. The children in the videos were either healthy or diagnosed with learning disabilities. Afterwards, participants rated how much they looked forward to parenthood. Data was analyzed with a 2 x 2 Analyses of Variance. No main effect for sex or video viewed was found nor was an interaction effect found. Implications from this study were discussed such as how females and males view parenthood similarly in college and how strongly opinions about parenthood are formed in college students.