Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Schulze


This thesis will address the impact of the classroom environment on the creative thinking of elementary learners. Using extensive research, the following writing will address factors such as physical space, flexibility of the classroom, desk arrangement, resources, curriculum, hierarchy of systems, and range of activity/subjects. For example, the proposal will give strategies as simple as switching the arrangement of the room or where the students sit, but also suggest changes to the system of public education as a whole. In our current education system, there is something about the way children are being taught and what they are being taught that is discouraging originality. As a nation, we understand that creative thinking is often difficult to find. My interest in this topic grew from a concern about the lack of emphasis in our classrooms on creativity and its importance. If we cannot value creativity, then we will lose the potential of new ideas and discoveries as well as the ability to use critical thinking and problem solving. These are all essential skills for our society, and they need to be addressed for our upcoming generations.