Honors Senior Theses/Projects

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project

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Katherine Schmidt


The nature of my project is creative; I wrote a paranormal fantasy novel, centered on a girl and the wild world of tigers, that contributes to the large pool of book options available to those who seek to entertain themselves by reading. As an endangered species, tigers are powerful, curious creatures that demand extensive research to be fully understood, but they also need raised awareness so that they might be saved from extinction. The plot of the book includes focuses on a girl who transforms into a tiger and moves to live among the wild tigers of India. It expresses themes of fear, acceptance, authority, and love among a diverse cast of characters. My book is available in paperback, indie published under my own imprint publishing company, Fire Feather Press. This required me to format and design the cover and interior of my novel in an enticing, yet professional way in order to compete with the many other novels out there. With the writing of my book, I planned to entertain my readers with a fantasy adventure tale by bringing them face-to-face with tigers in the wild world, while also serving to raise awareness in order to help tigers prosper once more.