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Undergraduate Honors Thesis/Project


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Cornelia Paraskavas

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Gavin Keulks




In the international context of concerns surrounding standards in writing, this Honors Thesis addresses the role of grammar in the teaching of language awareness and writing. It considers both historical and current perspectives on knowledge about language. This thesis argues that there has yet been a critically research link on how language instruction is supported in the common core and the knowledge requirements of teachers. The rationale behind this study lies in exploring the between traditional pedagogical approach to language and the language requirements required by the current education standards, the Common Core. Through research spanning from Australia to the United States, I will explore how this disconnect came to existence and what steps can be taken to close the gap between teacher knowledge of language and their understanding of the required language skills of their students. Currently students are falling short of achieving the stepping blocks established by the state adopted standards largely due to misconceptions about what knowledge of language is required.

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