Honors Senior Theses/Projects

This is my fake thesis

Jane Doe, Western Oregon University


In 1902, a new tradition began on the Oregon State Normal School campus: the May Day celebration. Touted as “an ardent joyous welcome of springtime” and “the most anticipated social event on campus”, May Day traditionally featured a series of events held on a single day in May, including the procession and crowning of the May Queen and her court, winding of the May pole, costumed drills and pageantry, singing, and athletic events. The involvement of the surrounding community (Monmouth, Polk County, and the Willamette Valley) at the campus May Day celebration varied over time; at its height in the 1920s, thousands of citizens participated in the daylong event. This article recounts the history and popularity of May Day on the Oregon Normal School campus and includes photographs and documents from the event throughout the years, from its inception as a public celebration of springtime, battling through war years and epidemics, into its heyday as a community celebration and through its evolution into campus-centric events dissociated with its May Day beginnings in the 1940s.