Spring 2016

Faculty Advisor

Patricia Goldsworthy-Bishop

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


This paper will focus on the escape routes taken to Argentina, which often included secretly transporting Nazis across the European continent to different checkpoints before the could escape to the Americas. The paper will also examine the contacts that Perón maintained in Europe to assist him, as well as the Nazis, Perón himself targeted for their expertise. Finally, this paper will examine Perón’s motives and whether they were selfish or if they were to benefit Argentina. Secondary sources alluded to ultra-secret organizations established during World War II that are credited with getting Nazi war criminals out of Europe and into foreign countries as well as providing jobs for them. Perón and the Argentinean government were responsible for secretly importing, employing and protecting Nazi war criminals in effort to gain the scientific and technological intelligence.

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PDF_A Peron Argentina and the Nazis.pdf (655 kB)
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