Faculty Seminar Advisor

Dr. David Doellinger

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts



Document Type


Publication Date

Spring 2014


United States expansion, Latin American independence, and the legal equality of Frenchmen, in some degree are all attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. Contrary to popular belief Napoleon did more than just conquer much of Europe; he left a lasting impression on the world beyond his military prowess. Napoleon will not be examined as a warrior, but rather this thesis will deal with Napoleon as a man who changed the world. This thesis attempts to debunk the widely held notion of Napoleon as solely a military leader, or a simple emperor. It brings to light Napoleon’s involvement in France, and upon the world, that ensured Napoleon a lasting legacy. This lasting legacy was not built solely by Napoleon’s military career, but also by the politician from within. This thesis shows Napoleon’s diversity, as he should be known for something more than just a warlord. Most importantly it gives depth to Napoleon and the events that he partook in that otherwise would be meaningless military achievements to people of the Common Era.

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