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“Jacek Kuron: An Activist of Solidarity’s Future” In 1980, Solidarity became the first independent trade union in communist Poland. As an opposition movement in the 1980s, Solidarity promoted the rights of Polish citizens through working with the Polish Party-State. The work of Jacek Kuron laid the foundation for Solidarity through opposition movements in the 1960s and 1970s. Jacek Kuron started his activist career in graduate school where he released an “Open Letter to the Party” in 1964. In the letter Kuron accused party officials that they are not following a true communist agenda. Kuron’s activism later led to the creation of Committee for the Defense of Workers (1976) and eventually to Solidarity (1980). Many scholarly accounts of Solidarity mention Kuron briefly with accounts of him being an influential part of Solidarity and how he was an advisor for the group that used his experiences to direct how things needed to be done even from prison. This project focuses on the oppositional activities of Kuron whose moderate stance guided opposition movements towards a worker’s democracy.

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