TOUCHING LIVES: Portraits of Deaf-Blind People

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This video is a documentary by a deaf-blind interpreter. Susan Hajjar, grew up with three siblings who are deaf-blind and tells the story of how their influence affected her life. The video features Jamie Lard, a deaf-blind woman who advocates on behalf of deafblind people. Jamie describes her upbringing including her time as a student at Perkins School for the Blind, and now as an adult living independently. It also features Harry Anderson, president of the American Association of Deafblind (AADB), and Ona Stewart, a deaf-blind woman with Usher syndrome who lives and works independently in a large city. Barbara Wagreich, who is orally trained and uses fingerspelling, is a software engineer who is unemployed at the time of the taping. She describes the difficulties she faces in gaining employment especially in a declining labor market of information technology. Describes how many people with deafblindness face isolation and loneliness. Other profiles include Chuck Ferraro, and the Tracy family. A transcript of the video is also available.

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