ONE OF SOCIETY'S MOST VULNERABLE GROUPS?: A Systematically Conducted Literature Review Exploring the Vulnerability of Deafblind People


Peter Simcock

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This literature review of 28 articles focuses on the experience of vulnerability in people with deafblindness. While no empirical studies specifically examining this topic were found, deafblind people described feelings of vulnerability in studies exploring their experiences more generally and in personal accounts. This population is identified as “at risk” of various adverse outcomes, particularly when compared to the non-deafblind majority. The literature largely relates to negative outcomes and includes significantly less exploration of positive risk taking, coping capacity and resilience. Deafblind people do not appear to describe themselves as being vulnerable as a permanent state, suggesting a need for greater exploration of the experience among all sections of this heterogeneous population, with consideration of resilience and coping. HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE IN THE COMMUNITY, Vol. 25, No. 3, pp. 813–839.

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