TACTILE SIGN LANGUAGE: Turn Taking and Questions In Signed Conversations of Deaf-Blind People


Johanna Mesch

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This dissertation is primarily about turn-taking and questions as they are carried out in tactile conversation. Beginning with the concept of deaf-blind people and different methods of communication, it then presents the material used in the author’s analysis and then an overview of the concept of "conversation" which consists of sequences, turns, adjacency pairs and feedback. It then looks more specifically at form and function regarding questions with an overview of interrogative clauses in sign language and shows what partial signals are used in questions. The author also analyzes yes/no questions, alternative questions and wh-questions. Finally the book examines support questions and how conversational participants support one another by requesting feedback and clarification. This dissertation was originally written in Swedish and then translated into English. Publisher's web site: http://www.signum-verlag.de International Studies on Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf, Volume 38

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