Sarah E. Butler

Sarah E. Butler

Sarah Elizabeth Lucas Butler

Sarah Elizabeth Lucas Butler (1830-1871) married Elijah Davidson Butler (1824-1858) on August 26, 1846. She traveled with her family to the Oregon Territory in 1852. In the late months of 1857 and early months of 1858 she lost both a son, Charles Willet, and her husband to influenza and typhoid fever. During those same months, she also gave birth to a baby girl, Rachel. Her husband willed his estate to her as long as she remained a widow. The letters mention that there was some question about the legality of the will. Sarah built a house in Monmouth and led a comfortable life, marrying James M. Allen on July 5, 1860.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth Lucas Butler:

Cynthia Ann Butler (?-1876); married Andy Allen
Charley Willet Butler (1855-1857); buried in the Butler Davidson Cemetery
Rachel Butler (1857-18??); married G. William Pickett (?-1902)

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Letters from 1858


Letter to Brother and Sister from Sarah E. Butler, Sarah E. Butler

Letters from 1857


Letter to John M Butler from Elijah Butler and Sarah E. Butler, Elijah Butler and Sarah E. Butler