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ART 321


Class Description:

Students designed logos to establish an identity for the new Ash Creek Arts Center, emerging to serve the cities of Monmouth and Independence (Oregon). On February 27, 2014, members of the Ash Creek Arts Center, the Western Oregon University community, and the public gathered to view an exhibit of these graphic design students’ logo solutions, and to help select the new ACAC identity. The graphic design students involved in this project have conducted research on identity design, on the region, and on arts organizations, explored a multitude of concepts, and ultimately executed a logo and business card to best represent the new Ash Creek Arts Center.

Artist's Statement:

The ACAC logo represents the coming together of two communities in order to create art. The two halves of the logo fit together like puzzle pieces, complementing and balancing each other. The simple geometric forms are representative of both modern art and the first bold strokes of the youthful mind. The dominant use of the color red can represent both warmth as well as excitement, and the secondary use of blue is representative of both serenity and elegance. The two square halves of the logo represent stability within the community, while also allowing for a reorientation in to a vertical column with relative ease. This versatility and simplicity means that this logo remains viable for multiple applications.


The additional file includes all of the artist's logos and business card designs.

Dias logo card.pdf (406 kB)