Faculty Mentor

Chehalis Strapp




The study aims to examine the effects of emotions (anger, happiness, and control) have on decision-making and the researcher expects to find a difference. A total of eighteen participants completed the study with a mean age of 22.95 years old (SD=5.6). Ten of the participants were female, four were male and four were transgender. Participants viewed a brief clip to elicit emotion from a film selected from a list compiled by (Schaefer, Nils, Sanchez, & Philippot, 2010). Next, participants completed the PANAS Scale (Watson & Clark, 1994). Then patricians completed a seven-item questionnaire created by (Sirota & Juanchich, 2018) to assess decision-making. The results did not show a difference of decision made across the emotion conditions, F (2,15) = = 2.03, P>.05, n2= .24.




Psychological Sciences

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