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More and more, people consider pets to be a part of their family -- or at the very least, best friends who are counted among their “loved ones”. For some, pets are their only house-mates!

Just like with human kids or senior loved ones, sometimes it’s difficult for those who work full-time to be able to do everything, every day, for their pets… but unlike with human loved ones, there really aren’t that many options for finding good, reliable, affordable caretaking assistance.

For finding help with taking care of your human loved ones, probably the most well-known web application is Care -- where you can find caretakers for pretty much every set of needs your human loved ones may have. However, most web apps currently available for pet services -- the most well-known being Fetch and Rover -- focus primarily on just dog-walking and basic pet-sitting.

From personal experience, and from other pet owners I know, there can be lots of other things that need doing. Sometimes your pet needs medications while you’re at work. Or dropped off & picked up at the groomer’s, or taken to the vet for it’s shots, or some bloodwork. Maybe your senior pet needs to be let out and back in again more often while you’re at work. Maybe your pet with a health condition needs several small meals a day, or just watching over. There are lots of things beyond walking and basic sitting that pets and their owners need help with!

Therefore, we wanted to create a pet caretaking services web app that:

  1. Was inclusive of all kinds of pets,

  2. Covered any type of caretaking needs a pet and their owner may have,

  3. Connected pet-loving individuals, to arrange to help each other out.

Petopia is meant to not only help Pet Owners find reliable fellow pet lovers to help them with the caretaking and well-being of their pet(s) -- therefore bringing them peace of mind ... but also to give pet lovers the opportunity to have a fun and meaningful way to make some extra money doing something they enjoy, on their own schedules.

We want to connect every type of Pet Owner to pet-loving Pet Care Providers, so that people and Pets can enjoy a better quality of life!




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