DAD-Bod Development Presents: Game & Hang

Walker Mitchell, Western Oregon University
Kyle Short, Western Oregon University
Jacob Wiederhold, Western Oregon University

This presentation was delivered on May 28, 2020 at Western Oregon University Academic Excellence Showcase (Monmouth, OR).


For people who enjoy spending quality time with their friends and family while playing fun games. We’ve created Game & Hang with the intention of helping players get past scheduling conflicts and on to the fun part: playing games with friends, whether new or old! Our website Game & Hang is designed to help users host events and play a wide variety of tabletop games.

In coming up with the idea for Game & Hang, we took inspiration from our own experiences in tabletop gaming. Sometimes the hardest part in playing a board game is finding other people to play with. Specifically, we’ve found that the single most frustrating part of tabletop gaming is finding other people interested in the same games as you, that can play at the same time as you are available. Game & Hang is designed to make this process easier, while providing tools to help gamers host and find new events.

The application has many different features that we’ve designed in pursuit of this goal, such as the Codex. The Codex is a resource which contains all of the information needed to host an event, and a large selection of popular board games. Users can post tabletop gaming events that they are hosting, and other users can then sign up for said events. These events can be posted as either Public or Private events. Any user registered with the site can sign up for Public events, whereas users can only sign up for Private events if they are Friends with the event’s host. That’s right, we also feature Friends - after all, making Friends can be the best part of tabletop gaming!


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