Many of the Western Oregon University yearbooks have been digitized and are available for download and online viewing. Western Oregon University began publishing its yearbook in 1905 and ceased publication in 1991. Yearbooks were not published in 1909-1911, 1933-1935, 1973-1978, and 1980-1986.

The name of the school and title of the yearbook vary:

The Courier, 1905-1909 (Oregon State Normal School)
The Norm, 1911-1939 (Oregon Normal School)
The Grove, 1940-1991 (Oregon College of Education, Western Oregon State College)

Original copies of the yearbooks are kept in University Archives. University Archives does not have a complete run of yearbooks, so some volumes are not available. Not all yearbooks have been digitized; please contact University Archives for more information.

To view a downloaded PDF file, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.