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Three problems associated with the use of social media in marketing include:

1. The difficulty in tracking, managing, and analyzing the traffic that comes from different

social media networks. Google Analytics is one of the data analytic tools that deals with

traffic efficiently. It recognizes traffic sources and categorizes them to give the advertiser

insights into oncoming traffic to the company’s website. It provides comprehensive

statistics about traffic, which can be useful for advertisers to measure the performance of

their marketing campaigns.

2. The inability to measure the success of marketing campaigns to increase sales. A/B

Testing is a useful way to tell advertisers about the best methods to enhance their final

results. It examines the functionalities of websites and advertising techniques during

social marketing campaigns that lead to direct or indirect impacts, which can boost


3. The lack of finding target audiences in social media. Social media’s API, such as Twitter

Ads, provides many features that can generate new leads. It gives advertisers the ability

to target social media users based on their demography, geography, behavior, and


In the business section, the paper covers the impact of social media influencers on their

followers and how companies use those influencers within their marketing campaigns. This

information can help businesses achieve their social media marketing goals by using these

solutions and following measurable plans. Furthermore, the paper mentions some successful

case studies that have used these solutions effectively.


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This project was submitted as part of the requirements for the Masters in Management and Information Systems program.

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